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“We felt as though we were in the Book of Acts!”

15 new house churches for Pakistan

3 reasons missionaries go alone and 3 responses

3-2-1: Following Jesus in threes

A confluence of cultures

5.1 Suzanne Kouassi

A crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord

A fresh eye to financing the Great Commission mission

A jar of oil and a handful of flour

A pastor's heart, a church's response

A seasoned mobilizer shares his insights

A turnaround for Reagan

A vision received, a vision passed on: the birth of EMS of ECWA

Abdullah's call out of Africa; into America

Accreditation vs. non-accreditation

African missions agencies

Africans and God's mission

Africans in the West: seasoned missionaries share their insights

5.1 nossa tukura

All hands on deck

Antioch revisited: are the shepherds listening?

Are missionaries reaching the reached?

Are missions agencies necessary?

Barriers to and benefits of seeking counselling

Biblical perspective on multi-cultural teams

Book Launch - A2R: The right message at the right time

Book Review: Africa to the Rest

Book Review: Rethinking Global Mobilization - Calling the Church to Her Core Identity

Book review: Worship and Mission for the Global Church

Book Review: New Funding Models for Global Mission

Book review: The Church

Burdened beyond measure

By prayer: declaring our dependence on God

Called to step out

Called: compelled to preach in North Africa

Called: Denilson Agustinho - move faster than the wind

Called: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

Called: Grief, scorpions and healing

Called: Jesse Ishaku Amah-Kabong - age 15 is not too young

Called: Nasiru Saidu - the cost of a voice

Called: Robert and Carol Bett

Called: Abusa Gusty and Elina Makhutcha

Called: Daphne Kabeberi

Called: Gedeon Mashauri

6.1 Jean Seri

Called: Jean Seri

Called: Paul Akinola

Called: Paul Mawaya

Called: Rosina Ferdinand

Called: Thaddeus and Lucy Gichana

Called: Tony and Julia Mburu

Caring for missionaries: a holistic and practical approach

Central African Republic: delivering the gospel when war is raging

Centre for the study of UPGs opens in Ghana

Children can be mobilized too

Children in missions - get them involved now

Children through a different lens

Come over and help us

Connie's cultural trials and triumphs

COVID closes the door, technology opens the window

Cultivating a generous spirit

Culture shock

Diaspora churches are moving forward God's purposes

Digital technology and mission in the face of COVID-19 and beyond

Door opens for Ingessana outreach

Editorial - why we go

Embracing God's immigration policy in Chicago, USA

Engage programme seeks workers

Engaging Africa through disciple making movements

Equipped and ready to engage

Equipped by the power of prayer

Equipping health workers for missions

Errors redeemed: a missions school is founded

4.1 worku

Ethiopia and world mission

Ethiopian missions: A history of prayer and sacrifice

European Christians are calling, "Come over and help us!"

Evaluating risk and caring for missionaries

Every story counts in missions

Faithful little efforts

Financial integrity and the AfCAA

Find the balance

Fridays or Sundays: missions in the Persian Gulf

From Ethiopia to London

From internet shy to internet savvy: getting your ministry into the digital space

Go North! Difficult does not mean impossible

Goats and garlic for the Gospel

5.1 joanna bogunjoko

God answers prayers

God did not make a table; He made trees

God has taught us to pray

Great stories stir great action

Harnessing the Church's prayer potential

Healing for a sick world

5.1 tibarek

Here I am: send me

History of Africans in mission

How can churches financially support their missionaries?

How can I be sure I'm on the right track?

How our small church grew a big heart for mission

How to find a missions agency

How to thrive in your multicultural team

How we can all join in God's work

Daniel and Malata Salamu

How we experienced God's call to mission

Instruments of care

Is it really worth the risk?

Is missionary training necessary?

Jenga films impacts lives

Kids pop out on kindness

Know their culture

Language learning

Leading Across Cultures

Liberia radio mission

Liberia: radio programmes inspire vision for mission

Local music, local language, local impact

Malawi's broom - sending together

Migration and media: open doors for the inaccessible

Mission…right where I stand: engaging the diaspora peoples worldwide

Missionary call and family - an "Ubuntu" option

Missionary call confirmed amidst gunfire

Missionary calling and family concerns

Missions resources for children

Mobile money: from their hands to yours

Mobilization through short-term mission trips

My Saline Process experience

News: Somali worship services air on Ethiopian TV

Nineveh waits for every Christian

Not too young!

Nursing was my entry ticket

On the wings of national service

One Malagasy woman and the women who lined her path

One nurse's journey into missions

Online vs. in-person training

Our pastor made our missionary call possible

Panya Baba: The father of Nigerian Missions

Pastors: The key to a church's missionary vision

People Group: African youth in missions

People Group: Bushmen of Angola

People Groups: Baka

People Groups: Hausa

People Groups: the Afar of Djibouti

People Groups: the Beja of Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt

People Groups: Uzbeks

People Groups: “invisible” women with obstetric fistula

People Groups: Antanala of Madagascar

People Groups: Ebola survivors

People groups: Gujarati

People groups: hidden women

4.3 Imazighen

People Groups: Imazighen

5.2 Maba

People Groups: Maba

6.1 North african

People Groups: North African Arabs

5.3 Ayutthaya

People Groups: People of Ayutthaya, Thailand

People Groups: Romani

displaced people

People Groups: The Displaced

People Groups: The Ingessana

People groups: the Toposa

People groups: the Tuareg

People groups: the Yao

People groups: university students

People Groups: Zigua

Phase ministry: a refuge for missionaries

4.3 Xhosa

Pioneer Xhosa missionary opens doors in Malawi

Play your part!

Prayer opens doors for the Gospel

Prayer resources

Progress in people group missions

Reaching the Indian diaspora in Malawi

Reaching the Sahel through indigenous art

Reclaiming the mountain

6.1 Mburu

Restoring the financial bottom line

Reverse missions

Serving...even when safety isn't guaranteed

Sharing the gospel with scattered people

Shining Like Stars

Should we pursue training when souls are perishing?

Six C's: empowering your member to go into missions

Skills for worship

Sons and daughters of Africa: arise and pray to the Lord of the harvest!

Stephen continues the story of Tangale missionaries

Storytelling - not just for kids

Storytelling resources

Testimonies of answered prayer

5.3 Tambaya Ibrahim

Testimony of Tambaya Ibrahim

The arts: a powerful communicator

The Culture Map

The doors a business can open

The Gospel and candy

The joy of serving together

The Kairos course: responding to God’s heart for the nations

The lost churches of Mundu are found

The ministry of mobilization for such a time as this

The pastor is key

The pastor: a crucial advocate for missions

The Pastor's role in developing a missions-minded church

The pathway to missions

The physician evangelist who prays

The role of business in missions

The support mothers: standing in the gap for missionary kids

The voice of hope among the Hassaniya

The Word that will never return void

5.4 gospel campaign

Three missions in Ghana get creative about funding missions

Tips from Harriet Ngugi: a call to prayer, humility, training, and hope

Tips to help children pray

Towards more mission-minded churches

Trauma Healing Network

Unity through diversity

Unreached people groups: in search of the best words

5.1 voices rising

Voices rising: women of colour finding and restoring hope in the city

We do whatever it takes to start new churches!

What can youth offer mission?

What held us together: diverse yet unified

What if God calls you to be an architect?

What is missional business?

What is the most useful training for missionaries?

What is the purpose of business?

When God came calling

When Helping Hurts

Why do we have to reach Muslims?

Witnessing to Muslims wisely

5,1 kawser

Woman to woman: how social media enables discipleship among some of the world's least-reached women

5.1 joanna bogunjoko

Women in missions editorial

You are interested in missions - but what next?

You can reach out to Muslims: resources to help you

Your skills: tools in God's hands

Zambia: the joy of student ministry