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Tips to help children pray

By AfriGO Team

photo by AIMStories


The African Children’s Prayer Day is October 1!  Here are tips from the 4/14 Africa movement on how to guide children in prayer:

  1. Open conversations with God. Remind them that they can have continuous conversations with God, anywhere and anytime, because they have unrestricted access to their Heavenly Father.
  2. Pray anytime. Remind them that discipline in prayer can be at any hour of the day, any day of the week; they have access and audience with a God who cares deeply for them, their needs and their families.
  3. Pray all the time. Remind children that even the most simple of household tasks and chores are still opportunities to continue to pray, praise and worship at any hour of the day. Challenge them to continue to press in and keep praying, especially when they don’t feel like it.
  4. Pray for others. Remind them that God’s power is not limited by proximity. They can intercede and stand in the gap for those who are far away.
  5. Prayer has power. Remind children that they have greater impact than they realize through the power of their prayers. They can continue to partner with God hourly and daily in prayer for the change they desire to see.



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