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Can you use your profession in missions?  You might be surprised.  Watch our Facebook Live event this Friday night

5 pm Accra/8 pm Nairobi to hear Stephen Nitte La'abes explain how and tell his interesting story.

About us

African missions is not new. For more than a century, Africans have served sacrificially in missions, bringing the lost to Jesus Christ and planting churches.  But the 19th and 20th centuries were only a warm-up for a continent where the Church is now well-established and the Holy Spirit is calling even more workers into cross-cultural ministry.

In order to further fan the flames of the African missions movement, AfriGO was launched in 2016.  This quarterly magazine celebrates this history while encouraging the church's increasing participation in God's global mission.  As the Global South provides new leadership and workers for Gospel proclamation, AfriGO is here to tell the stories, report on the developments, and share news and information to support both pastors and the mission workers they send.

Our prayer is that the African voices speaking through this publication will spur the movement forward until His love and glory is declared across the whole earth!

"Welcome to AfriGO magazine!  The AfriGO team and I are excited that you are here visiting our website.  We have been praying for you, our reader, and hope the stories and resources here will be invaluable to your ministry and to your personal walk with Christ.  We hope you enjoy our magazine - it is created especially for the African Church and African missions, and we welcome your input.

We'd be delighted if you shared AfriGO with your fellow Christians.  Talk to us too; we'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and queries.  Whether you are a pastor, a missionary hopeful, an active missionary, or a friend or family member of a missionary, may the Lord use AfriGO to grow your heart for reaching the whole world with the message of the Gospel."

African missions
Mercy Kambura, Digital Content Coordinator
African missions

The Western Church is shrinking and the churches of the Global South are growing.  In fact, the African Church is projected to be the largest in the world by 2020!  It is time for the emphasis on sending workers to shift from West to South.  To this end, mobilizers all across Africa are calling on the African Church to rise up and accept the role of leadership and the Global leader of sending workers out.

There are still thousands of people around the world, and in Africa, who have not heard the Good News and many who have no opportunity at all to hear the Gospel.  Those communities need a witness.

All who call out to the Lord will be saved.

How can people have faith in the Lord and ask him to save him, if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear, unless someone tells them?  And how can anyone tell them without being sent by the Lord?  The Scriptures say it is a beautiful sight to see even the feet of someone coming to preach the good news.

Romans 10:13-15 (CEV)

AfriGO was started by SIM in 2016 and published 10 issues before AIM joined them in 2019.  Both SIM and AIM are deeply committed to working with the African Church to mobilize into missions.  Click on either logo below to visit their websites and learn more about how you can be used in the Great Commission to reach the nations.. African missions is vital to fulfilling Jesus' words!