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New Missionaries

What is missions?  What is a missionary call, and do I have one?  What does missionary life look like? Most importantly, how do I take the first step? Please take a few minutes to explore the resources below. See if our frequently asked questions are yours too, and read the answers. These videos will inspire you, including Emmanuel Kwizera's vision for Africa and The Distant Boat, a movie which tackles issues you may be facing, too. Be sure to click on resources of note to discover even more relevant topics for every prospective missionary.

Featured Resource

Why training:  A strategic case for ministry preparation

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We may be quick to applaud the individuals full of passion and energy that head to the mission field, but what’s really needed are faithful, steady, consistent laborers that are in it for the long haul.  Too many go out only to burn out, make tragic mistakes, or give up.

This short video answers some interesting questions about whether you need training or not to be a missionary.



Why training: a biblical case for ministry prep


Why training: a holistic case for ministry prep


Why training: a practical case for preparation


7 things no missions textbook will teach you


9 practical ways to prepare for missions


Ways to pray for your support raising


10 ways to pray for your future mission field


Christians' role in missions - a metaphor


25 questions to ask a missions agency


End of Year Reflection

Resources of Note on Missionary Call

All Africa for Jesus

Emmanuel Kwizera shares the vision of every African worshipping Jesus in an inspirational message about "Why is missions important?" Pastor Kwizera, from Rwanda, serves as the International Missions Director for African Enterprise, based in Kenya.

The Distant Boat

The Distant Boat tells the fictional story of Max, a young urban Kenyan who has it all. Max's whole life and perspective is challenged when he meets Yusef, whose people have no church and no Christian witness. Although he wants to help, opposition from family and friends almost causes him to give up. This movie addresses uniquely African challenges in doing missions, and will change the hearts of all who see it.


A missionary is a person who is sent out to work cross-culturally, often in a spiritually dark place where others have not heard the Gospel.  They leave their homes, extended families, church, and comforts to minister to others, often at great personal cost.