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Coming up this Friday!  AfriGO Conversations with JFK Mensah, Mobilizer/ Discipler/ Missionary from Ghana to Mauritania.

Over on our Facebook page at 5 pm in Accra / 6 pm in Abujah / 7 pm in Harare and 8 pm in Nairobi.  Join us!

Active Missionaries

The life of a cross-cultural missionary is full of challenges.  At AfriGO we want to encourage you in your ministry and in your spiritual life. Below are resources to help with some practical issues, as well as give you food for thought. See our church resources page for links to websites and videos which can help you educate your ministry partners and home church. Be sure to click on the resources of note at the bottom of the page.

Featured Resource

"I'm willing to do what God wants,

but right now I don't feel

comfortable raising support.

What should I do?"

This article from

the Impact Movement

gives biblical advice.



Reaching your Muslim neighbors


40 years in missions - 10 radical shifts


Free ebooks on topics missionaries struggle with


Christian witness to people of African tradition


7 standards of mission excellence


Learn about worldviews and the gospel


Free ebook on support raising


Is it biblical to raise financial support?


Raising support as a short-term missionary


How to wow your supporters with video updates

Resources of Note