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Coming up this Friday!  AfriGO Conversations with JFK Mensah, Mobilizer/ Discipler/ Missionary from Ghana to Mauritania.

Over on our Facebook page at 5 pm in Accra / 6 pm in Abujah / 7 pm in Harare and 8 pm in Nairobi.  Join us!


Pastors are central to what God is able to do with His Church.  As shepherds over your flocks, you can encourage or prevent God's people from their highest calling.  Your vision for the lost will inspire them, and your support will send some of them out into the harvest fields.

Below are resources to encourage you, answers to questions you may have about mobilising for missions, links to two organizations that can assist you in your church's journey, as well as videos and resources of note,

Featured Resource

Conrad Mbewe explains the seven lies he once believed about missions in this article to challenge all of us.



A commitment to the frontline


Pastors: why we must develop relationships with missionaries


Reasons your church should support missions


Biblical basis of missions


10 things you should know about missions and the local church


What I wish I knew as a missions pastor


The great commission belongs to the African Church also

Resources of Note

All Africa for Jesus

Emmanuel Kwizera shares the vision of every African who knows and worships Jesus, in an inspirational and clear message.  Are you wondering "Why are missions important?".  This video will answer that question.

The Distant Boat

The Distant Boat tells the story of Max, a young urban Kenyan who has it all. Max's whole life and perspective is challenged when he meets Yusef, whose people have no church and no Christian witness.  Although he wants to help, opposition from family and friends almost causes him to give up.  This movie addresses uniquely African challenges in doing missions, and will change the hearts of all who see it.


A missionary is a person who is sent out to work cross-culturally, usually in a spiritually dark place where people have not heard the Gospel.  They leave their homes, extended families, church, and comforts to minister to others, often at great cost.