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Engage programme seeks workers

By AfriGO Team

The Engage programme of SIM UK is a form of reverse missions which addresses a need of the UK evangelical church to share the gospel cross-culturally with people from diverse nations embedded in their communities. While the UK church has been sending gospel workers for many decades, it recognizes the strategic gospel opportunity right on its doorstep among those who would otherwise live and die without hearing the good news of Christ.

Working hand in hand with UK partner churches, ENGAGE seeks to recruit and place called gospel workers, most of whom are from Majority World countries. These workers help resource the UK church to cross cultural and linguistic barriers, build trusting relationships, and share Christ in the surrounding ethnic community.

SIM also recognizes the inter-dependence between receiving and sending gospel workers and longs to kindle fresh mission vision in the churches who receive an ENGAGE worker.

ENGAGE placements are usually for one to two years and can take the form of an internship or a focus on a specific ethnic people group, according to the ministry goals of the church.


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