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And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

- Matthew 28:18-20

What's new this week

Our team has spent the last three months working hard on this issue, especially our Managing Editor, Kate Azumah.  She's brought together writers with some interesting and challenging things to say about funding missions.  Be sure to have a read.  Download the pdf to share on WhatsApp, or share the web link.

new for you

Church of Pentacost Ghana: deconstructing missions

In a panel discussion, Christian Tsekpoe, Amos Jimmy Markin, Rebecca Sey, and Daniel Okyere Walker discuss ways that the Church of Pentecost in Africa has deconstructed colonial forms of evangelism and reconstructed grassroots models in their local contexts.  This YouTube video is hosted by FULLER Studio and has insights into the missionary methods of the COP Ghana around the world.

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"Cultural shocks deep in the interior" - a missionary moment

Dispatched from the school of mission into the field for the first time, six of us traveled from Jos for 8 hours north, then far into the forest interior to reach the formerly unreached tribe of the Kamuku. There, the team crossed a river on foot before taking bikes to a mission base. On our arrival, the team was divided and I and my team mate took another bike further over land, crossing another river by canoe, and finally climbing up a mountain. . .

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Short-term missions social media guidelines - from the Chalmers Center

How do you post about your short-term missions trip without taking advantage of the people you were serving?  The Chalmers Center has put together some guidelines to help you think about how you can share your experience and ministry while still being kind to those you ministered to.

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MissioIntel - Africa's first made-for-mobile missions magazine

The creators of MissionStats have a new magazine aimed at reaching mobile phone users - all about missions!  Click to visit and read, download, and be sure to share onwards.  More will be coming, so definitely subscribe and follow them.

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Our latest issue: Funding missions!

God is indeed raising an army of missionaries from Africa. Many are stepping out in faith with little consistent support while others have been abandoned in the field with inadequate resources. Missions funding remains a major challenge in Africa, even though the African Church is endowed with resources for the task. This issue highlights different ways of funding missions, and shares inspiring stories of faithful and cheerful missions giving.

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Occupy magazine- the latest edition from CAPRO

Occupy magazine tells the stories of CAPRO missionaries - who serve all around the world.  CAPRO is the largest African missions agency and has plenty of stories to tell.  Visit their e-library to see this issue, plus all the previous issues, and hear what God is doing around the world through African missionaries.

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"His question brought us to tears" - a missionary moment

I serve the Lord as a missionary among the nomadic Turkana people in Northern Kenya, as well as a host of refugees from over 20 nationalities in the nearby Kakuma refugee camp. It has been awesome seeing the Lord transform people through the preaching and sharing of the gospel.
Sometime back I got an opportunity to take the gospel and also distribute food to a village by the name of Nawountos. My friend Lee had who had some money and had a burden to feed poor people, carried food while I carried my Bible. He joked, “Eugene will carry the bread of life and I will carry physical food to feed the hungry.” And so we rode 80 km on a rough insecure road in a Toyota Hilux to the border village.
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"Thank you for what?" - a missionary moment

Hakim looked on helplessly as I joyously went on greeting people: "Wamasanta hai!" Hakim is a Somali refugee living in Kampala. In 2019, we decided to carry out a community needs assessment among the Somali urban refugees in Kampala which included questionnaires that were to be taken door to door. This entailed enlisting some Somali translators to move with us to each dwelling. I asked Hakim to accompany me since I had already made friends with him at local soccer games and an English class.

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"She died with the greatest joy" - a missionary moment

Their foods weren’t the types we were used to. The grains were familiar, but not the preparations, and the water was milky. But we were taught how to live cross-culturally, so we accepted the people and their food, trusted our lives to God, blessed the meals and the water, and had our food with joy and sometimes with much difficulty.  We targeted a young man named Babangida of around 19 years who had just got married to a beautiful young girl but who was always after us.
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5 Joshua Project tools to help you mobilize

Joshua Project is a wonderful resource for information about just about everything missions-related.  But how do you use it all?  This new episode from the Gospel Mobilization Podcast features Chris Clayman, Executive Director for Joshua Project.  He shares some great ideas on making use of their site, and explains how you can help shape their information sharing going forward.
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"A new direction for 11 million members" - a missionary moment

From Tentmaking Today:

In November, leaders from 17 synods in the Ethiopian Mekane Yesus Church attended a seminar in Hawassa, Ethiopia on how to mobilize and send professionals and businesspeople. Leaders from 17 synods in the Mekane Yesus Church in Ethiopia are now focusing on recruiting and sending workers, businesspeople and professionals who will serve Jesus among unreached people groups.
“The teaching we have received on this has been an eye-opener for us. Now we are ready to do the job,” says head of the church's mission department, Tilaye Daba.
Mekane Yesus is regarded as the world's largest Lutheran church. As of today, the church has around 11 million members, and the numbers are growing rapidly.

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The anatomy of a missionary - graphics to share

The words are from an SIM missionary many years ago, and the graphics are new from AfriGO.  They profoundly speak to what a missionary is, and what they need to be.  You can view them on our website in pdf form (and feel free to download) or email us at info@afrigo.org to request the jpgs to share on your social media and with your friends.

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