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Welcome! Read testimonies of real missionaries in the field - their struggles, their faith, their triumphs.  We've added some stories from our friends around the web, too.  Most recently, we are diving into the forgotten history of African missionaries!  Enjoy.

Another team led by Asser Sehahabane went out in 1874. They travelled by foot, only stopping for longer periods due to fever or when a chief showed genuine interest in their work. They stopped at Chief Nyamati’s village where the people there had already had traditions that pointed to the return of a great chief, a theme that seemed to meld beautifully with that of the Gospel.  Sehahabane was glad to tell them about the great chief!  Read the whole story here.

"Brown bread and soup" - a missionary moment

Peter Kagwe - an apprentice story from iServe

"Laughing with the saints" - a missionary moment

"Teachers change the world" - a missionary moment

"What's in the pot?" - a missionary moment

"Souls are perishing!" - a missionary moment

"Carrying garbage for the Gospel" - a missionary moment

"Singing a song about nothing" - a missionary moment

A tale of two brothers - from Mission Frontiers Magazine

"Very secure, indeed" - a missionary moment

In Sakalava Rhythm

Khotalo's story - Lesotho

Lucky - from South Africa to Madagascar

Tshepang- leader of missionaries

Carol - a Kenyan missionary to South Sudan

Pastor Makai - trainer of missionaries

Courageous Tanzanian Advocates for missionaries

Paul - missionary to South Sudan

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