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Welcome! Read testimonies of real missionaries in the field - their struggles, their faith, their triumphs.  We've added some stories from our friends around the web, too. Enjoy.

The highly Muslim Gombe Emirate was closed to foreign missionaries, but Tangale evangelists found a way to penetrate, simply by visiting family members who lived in the area! From there, the Gospel began to spread outwards, and five Tangale couples eventually volunteered to go to Hausaland, truly rocky soil for the Good News.

By 1940, the Tangale Church had one hundred self-supporting workers, and had also sent twenty foreign missionaries to Muslim and animistic groups in other parts of Nigeria.

Read about the Tangale and be inspired by their story.

Karau Pane - the fruit seller who opened Gombe town

Missionary profile - Dr. E

Missionary profile - Suzy Abrahams

Missionary profile - Samuel Afrifa

Missionary profile - Dickson Kaburu

Missionary profile - Paul

Missionary to high-caste Hindus - Elizabeth Kachala

Missionary profile - Rev. Mac Phillips

Missionary profile - John Komla

Missionary profile - *Salama

Peter - The Missional Entrepeneur

Khotalo's story - Lesotho

Lucky - from South Africa to Madagascar

Tshepang- leader of missionaries

Pastor Makai - trainer of missionaries

Courageous Tanzanian Advocates for missionaries

Paul - missionary to South Sudan

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