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Welcome! Read testimonies of real missionaries in the field - their struggles, their faith, their triumphs.  We've added some stories from our friends around the web, too. Enjoy.

Canada has one of the highest rates of immigration of any country, and by 2030, it is estimated that 6 percent of Canadians will be Muslim. Also, many Canadians who were born in the country have forgotten God and live life for themselves. This presents a great need for gospel witnesses, and young African immigrants are rising to the challenge. Read more by clicking here. 

“The women remained confined within their husband’s houses” - a missionary moment

"It wasn't a small faith training for me" - a missionary moment

"She died with the greatest joy" - Pt. 2 missionary moment

"Cultural shocks deep in the interior" - Pt. 1 missionary moment

"His question brought us to tears" - a missionary moment

"A new direction for 11 million" - a missionary moment

"Thank you for what?" - a missionary moment

"It was a great joy" - a missionary moment

"Where does my help come from?" - a missionary moment

"Words of declaration of God's glory" - a missionary moment

In Sakalava Rhythm

Khotalo's story - Lesotho

Lucky - from South Africa to Madagascar

Tshepang- leader of missionaries

Carol - a Kenyan missionary to South Sudan

Pastor Makai - trainer of missionaries

Courageous Tanzanian Advocates for missionaries

Paul - missionary to South Sudan

Are you inspired to go and serve? Contact one of the organizations below for more information on your next steps, or visit our Future Missionaries page for more information.

Please contact us if you have a story to share.