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Are missionaries reaching the reached?

By AfriGO Team

Below, you will see two maps comparing the countries with the most missionaries (purple) and countries with the most Christians (blue). It is apparent that missionaries are being assigned to locations where Christians and churches are already well established. Although we want to prioritise the unreached, in practice, most of our effort and resources are focused on the reached. 

According to the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), there are about 400,000 missionaries in the world today, including both Protestant and Catholic. Of these, 77.3% serve in the ‘reached’ world. Another 19.4% serve in the ‘unevangelised’ world. A mere 3.3% serve among the ‘unreached.’ What can we do to change these percentages, so that those still living and dying without Jesus Christ can hear the Gospel and become our brothers and sisters? 

5.3 unreached2


5.3 unreached



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