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Called: Tony and Julia Mburu

By AfriGO Team

4.4 mburu2When God shows you what he is doing, it’s an automatic invitation to join him.

These words from a Bible study were a great revelation to me. Yet my decision to work as a mobilizer and missionary was a process, not just a verse popping out of a Bible page. I always knew I wanted to serve God; I just didn’t know how.

When we started hearing the Macedonian call, we were not married yet and it was a hard decision. I had just completed electrical and electronics engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, while Julia was in her final year studying information technology. We laid out plans for what we wanted to do. We hadn’t thought of being involved in mobilization full-time.

When we took the Kairos course together in 2010, it became clear what I wanted to do – mobilize for missions! Through the course, God helped us overcome our insecurities. We embarked on full-time ministry with Mission Campaign Network (MCN).

In the Old Testament, the prophets would blow a trumpet to warn or to convey an important message. As mobilizers, we, too, are blowing the trumpet clearly to the church and declaring it’s the time for Africa to arise and take the gospel to the world. In MCN, we mobilize the church to be active in missions.

As mobilizers, we, too, are blowing the trumpet clearly to the church and declaring it’s the time for Africa to arise and take the gospel to the world.

Every believer is encouraged to mobilize, go as a missionary, or facilitate the people who will go, whether as support-raising missionaries or as professionals and tentmakers. We also highlight the important role of prayer in missions.

MCN’s training pathway begins with short, two- or three-hour seminars showing people that mission is the basis of the Bible. We highlight what has been done, what is being done now, and what remains.

We partner with any expression of the body of Christ and with like-minded organizations locally and globally. Our courses are not created by MCN but by our partners, such as Simply Mobilizing International, the Center for Mission Mobilization, and Perspectives. We also train in Encountering the World of Islam.

From 2011 to 2018, we worked in Nairobi, Kenya, conducting 34 Kairos courses with over 1000 university graduates and churches.

MCN had always desired mobilization to happen in Mombasa, the coastal city of Kenya. Mombasa has an almost a half-half ratio of Christians to Muslims. They are largely Swahili and Arabic. Most of the Christians do not know how to reach out – or even that they should. We were invited to pioneer there, and we agreed, moving in May 2018.

With the mission task, especially the remaining task of world evangelization, mobilization is the most strategic thing to do. The church needs to accomplish the purpose for which it exists.

The question we want every­one to ask is, “What’s my place in missions?”.


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