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Six C’s: empowering your member to go into missions

By Pastor Faith Mugera, Pastor of Global Partnerships and Missions, Nairobi Chapel

Nairobi Chapel (NC) is one of the largest missions-minded churches in Kenya. To date, NC has sent 31 missionaries and 33 short term teams and is making Kingdom impact in 16 countries.

While the entire pastoral staff are focused on missions, Faith Mugera is key to keeping missions flourishing. As a friend of AfriGO, she has shared with us the six C’s that they have developed to guide their missions programme.

1. Confirm their call

Know the journey that led to their decision. Our members do not go out solo, so we want to understand our relationship with the member and how we can validate and be involved with their call.

2. Character formation

We present a path of discipleship and mentoring to prepare and support them in their time away. It’s important that this continues even while they are on mission.

3. Culture training

Starting with basic ideas about culture, we want them to be immersed and break stereotypes, learning to listen well. We want them to belong and build relationships that last.

4. Commitment to the call

We ask our members to make vows of godliness, chastity and poverty, or as close to these as agreed.

5. Commissioning

We celebrate and release the missionary publicly. We usually train their small group in how to continue supporting them by visiting, calling, and sending care packs.

6. Church

We always go in partnership with a local church. They take care of visas, insurance and accommodation. We financially support our missionaries, so they have not needed to raise support.

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