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Liberia: radio programmes inspire vision for mission

By AfriGO Team

With his background in news reporting, ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) radio broadcaster Steve Debleh always has his ear to the ground. As he personally monitors the experiences of Christians and the Church around the world, he wants to make Liberian Christians more aware of what is happening to fellow believers far and near.

Liberia radio mission

Photo by Warwick Walker

Three times a week he produces a 15-minute programme called “News of the Church World” for ELWA Radio. He does some local footwork to cover Liberian church programmes and news, then fills additional time with stories of Christians from Mali to Pakistan, especially those who are being persecuted.

Pastors tell Debleh they use his stories as sermon illustrations and for prayer, to inform their congregations of the sacrifice that some believers are making for their faith. Debleh says that he wants Liberians to be aware that they might need to “develop an elephant skin, when these things come closer.” He notes that Liberia has a large Christian population, with pressure from all sides to make Muslim converts. Hearing stories of how God is working in hidden places inspires courage and vision for mission among Liberian believers.

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