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You are interested in missions – but what next?

By AfriGO Team

The AfriGO team has put together a list of resources that will help you understand what missions is, how to get involved, and how to bring people along with you into God’s plan of blessing for the world! Every course teaches God’s epic plan to bring all peoples to Himself. Each one shows you how, through Scripture, God built a purpose into the nation of Israel and the Church to know Him, love Him, and share his salvation. But which one is right for you? It all depends on your situation and where you are headed.


First let’s meet the “grandfather of missions trainings” — Perspectives.

This 15-week course requires a trained facilitator and 50+ hours of classes and homework. But it is guaranteed to bring a new level of understanding of the biblical mandate to take God’s message to the nations. It is designed around four “perspectives”: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. www.perspectives.org

The following courses capture the philosophy of Pers­pectives and are available through Simply Mobilizing www.simplymobilizing.com. After attending, you can train to become a facilitator.


Every Christian should take KAIROS, even if they already have a vision for reaching the world. Presented by trained leaders, Kairos’ nine inspiring sessions include videos, small group discussions and homework.

Kairos has opened my eyes. One of the sessions was about nominal Christians and dedicated Christians. Through Kairos, I’ve learned that missions is the centre of Christianity. My heart should be for missions as Christ’s heart is for mission. Maybe I’m not as dedicated as I thought if I’m not dedicated to the heart of Christianity, which is missions. It has challenged me to pray, not just for myself and those around me, but also for the nations.
Sarah, third year trainee in Family Medicine

The Unfinished Story

Like Kairos, TUS traces the arc of God’s mission from Genesis through the gospels, and through 2000 years of the world Christian movement. Local churches can use it as Sunday school or Bible study material. To be a TUS leader requires attendance at a class and a few hours of training. TUS shapes a Biblical worldview that sees our participation with God in mission as both an exciting adventure and as the essence of what it means to follow Jesus!

Empowered to Influence

This four-session facilitated course uses the videos of Singaporean businessman Ken Chua. Teaching is centred around seven new ways of thinking that are required for believers to become influencers for God in their workplace, church and home. Though most beneficial for business people, it will empower any believer.

Youth Kairos

This is for young people ages 16 to 20. Presented by a trained facilitator over three and a half days, it retains the vision and inspiration of the KAIROS course. www.facebook.com/youthkairos


Interface answers the question, “What does a church on mission with God look like?” An introductory presentation is followed by a day seminar or a longer workshop. It explores the structure of a church that will nurture, equip and release God’s people into fruitful ministry.

For information on where and when to take the courses, contact:  West Africa: dhydeappiah@gmail.com  East Africa: samuangugi@gmail.com  Southern Africa: keithkoster1@gmail.com



This seven-lesson small group study presents current information on the state of Christianity around the world, along with unreached people groups and other major religions. It teaches five habits that all believers can put into practice to become world Christians. www.mobilization.org/resources/live-missionally/xplore/

Go Mobilize

This next step teaches what it takes to become a mobiliser and start a missions movement among your friends and contacts. Lessons include how to use Scriptures to show others God’s desire for every nation, and how to direct others to places that have little or no Gospel access.  www.mobilization.org/resources/mobilize-others/go-mobilize/

Your Church can change the world

This free manual can be customised for your context. Written in Mexico and designed for mature Christians, sections include Why a Church Should be Involved in Missions, Praying for the World, Financing Missions, and The Missions Committee in the Local Church. www.yourchurchcanchangetheworld.org/


Part of mobilizing is training to go out or to serve where you are. Many materials are out there, though most require enrollment in a pro­gramme. Here are a few resources you can use in your own context.

Go-er groups

This free, seven-lesson video series is aimed at urban students. It explores major questions and barriers believers encounter as they pursue cross-cultural ministry. These streamable videos contain great advice from experienced people. Use them to work through key issues as you consider being a missionary. www.mobilization.org/resources/prepare-for-ministry/


Crossing Cultures

Many believers desire to reach out to people in their communities who are of a different culture or religion but are afraid due to lack of experience, knowledge or skills. This workshop has fun activities and equips attendees to communi­cate with people across cultures — a vital skill both locally and globally. A church member can lead this after a short training. www.simplymobilizing.com/courses/crossing-cultures/

Encountering the World of Islam

Many of the unreached are Muslim, yet most Christians know little about the history or beliefs of Islam. EWI is a facilitated course which will enlighten you, give you insights into world conflicts, and dispel myths about Muslims. You’ll learn how to pray for, connect with, and reach out to Muslims near you. Classes are in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda. info@ewi.org www.encounteringislam.org

Let’s Go!

SIM’s Let’s Go! interactive handbook does not replace formal training, but has practical resources to make training more useful. Stories and testimonies, brochures, articles, Bible studies, and short media clips are all designed to be gone through with a mentor over 6 to 12 months. Find these free materials online: bit.ly/LetsGOpdf – PDF version bit.ly/LetsGOsupplemental – supplemental material  bit.ly/LetsGoVideos – videos for the chapter


If you are passionate about missions and want to see others realise their potential to go, pray, or support missions, then you can be a mobilizer. Partner with local organisations or contact Simply Mobilizing for more info: https://simplymobilizing.com/mobilizers/

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