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Missions resources for children

By AfriGO Team

The AfriGO team has found wonderful resources that you can share with your children to help them understand more about missions, pray for countries, people groups and missionaries, and see the world through the eyes of other children.

Operation Mobilization Africa has put together a beautiful and engaging book with 52 devotionals for Kids to pray for the world.  You can read it for free at or visit to find out how to buy.




Weave, an organization dedicated to mobilizing families for missions, offers a 52-week family devotional which contains hands-on activities, discussion questions, and prayer prompts to actively and consistently engage your children in God’s story.  You can get it for free at their website in PDF when you subscribe. Memory verse cards and another devotional on unreached peoples can also be found there.




Pioneers Mission has put together an excellent curriculum which teaches children about each of the major religious viewpoints around the world:  Tribal, Hindu, Unreligious, Muslim and Buddhist.  It goes on to show how children can reach them for Jesus.  Download for FREE along with excellent streaming videos!




Meet Noor is a lesson with a skit and a Bible activity to help children understand how Muslim beliefs differ from God’s truth. USD$5



Sonlight, a US-based homeschool company, has put together a comprehensive guide on how children can reach out to Muslims.  This is geared toward older children.

Prayer guides offers a 30-day guide for children to pray for the Muslim World for just $2.

SIM’s UK office sends out a monthly prayer newsletter from their missionary kids around the world, to encourage other kids to pray.  Your kids can sign up at