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5.1 Suzanne Kouassi

A crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord

A fresh eye to financing the Great Commission mission

Accreditation vs. non-accreditation

Africans and God's mission

Africans in the West: seasoned missionaries share their insights

5.1 nossa tukura

All hands on deck

Book Review: Rethinking Global Mobilization - Calling the Church to Her Core Identity

Called: compelled to preach in North Africa

Called: Denilson Agustinho - move faster than the wind

Called: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

Called: Jesse Ishaku Amah-Kabong - age 15 is not too young

Called: Paul Akinola

5.1 rosina ferdinand

Called: Rosina Ferdinand

Children in missions - get them involved now

Children through a different lens

Editorial - why we go

Engage programme seeks workers

Equipped and ready to engage

Errors redeemed: a missions school is founded

European Christians are calling, "Come over and help us!"

Faithful little efforts

Goats and garlic for the Gospel

Harnessing the Church's prayer potential

5.1 tibarek

Here I am: send me

How to find a missions agency

Language learning

Mobilization through short-term mission trips

Nineveh waits for every Christian

On the wings of national service

Online vs. in-person training

Our pastor made our missionary call possible

Prayer resources

Should we pursue training when souls are perishing?

Six C's: empowering your member to go into missions

Storytelling - not just for kids

Testimonies of answered prayer

The lost churches of Mundu are found

The pathway to missions

The Word that will never return void

Tips from Harriet Ngugi: a call to prayer, humility, training, and hope

We do whatever it takes to start new churches!

When God came calling

Why do we have to reach Muslims?

5.1 joanna bogunjoko

Women in missions editorial