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A vision received, a vision passed on: the birth of EMS of ECWA

Africans in the West: seasoned missionaries share their insights

Antioch revisited: are the shepherds listening?

Biblical perspective on multi-cultural teams

Book Review: Africa to the Rest

Called to step out

Called: Dr. Sam Fabiano - A scalpel and a Bible

Called: Abusa Gusty and Elina Makhutcha

Called: Paul Mawaya

Door opens for Ingessana outreach

Embracing God's immigration policy in Chicago, USA

Engage programme seeks workers

4.1 worku

Ethiopia and world mission

Ethiopian missions: A history of prayer and sacrifice

From Ethiopia to London

5.1 joanna bogunjoko

God answers prayers

5.1 tibarek

Here I am: send me

How can I be sure I'm on the right track?

Daniel and Malata Salamu

How we experienced God's call to mission

Malawi's broom - sending together

Migration and media: open doors for the inaccessible

Missionary call confirmed amidst gunfire

News: Somali worship services air on Ethiopian TV

Nineveh waits for every Christian

People Groups: The Ingessana

Reaching the Indian diaspora in Malawi

Serving...even when safety isn't guaranteed

Stephen continues the story of Tangale missionaries

Storytelling - not just for kids

5.3 Tambaya Ibrahim

Testimony of Tambaya Ibrahim

The heartbeat of global missions

The joy of serving together

The pastor: a crucial advocate for missions

The support mothers: standing in the gap for missionary kids

The voice of hope among the Hassaniya

Unity through diversity

Unreached people groups: in search of the best words

5.1 joanna bogunjoko

Women in missions editorial

Your skills: tools in God's hands