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3-2-1: Following Jesus in threes

A jar of oil and a handful of flour

Africans in the West: seasoned missionaries share their insights

Are missionaries reaching the reached?

Behind the walls of crushing trauma

By prayer: declaring our dependence on God

Called: Abusa Gusty and Elina Makhutcha

Called: Gedeon Mashauri

Children can be mobilized too

Children in missions - get them involved now

Diaspora churches are moving forward God's purposes

Engaging Africa through disciple making movements

Equipped by the power of prayer

Ethiopian missions: A history of prayer and sacrifice

Faithful little efforts

God has taught us to pray

Harnessing the Church's prayer potential

How we can all join in God's work

MANI 2016: hearing and obeying God in times like these

Mission…right where I stand: engaging the diaspora peoples worldwide

Missionary call confirmed amidst gunfire

Our pastor made our missionary call possible

People Groups: Baka

People Groups: Hausa

People Groups: the Afar of Djibouti

People Groups: the Beja of Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt

People Groups: “invisible” women with obstetric fistula

People Groups: Antanala of Madagascar

People Groups: Ebola survivors

People groups: Gujarati

People groups: hidden women

5.2 Maba

People Groups: Maba

6.1 North african

People Groups: North African Arabs

5.3 Ayutthaya

People Groups: People of Ayutthaya, Thailand

displaced people

People Groups: The Displaced

People Groups: The Somali

People groups: the Toposa

People groups: the Tuareg

People groups: the Yao

People groups: university students

People Groups: Zigua

Prayer opens doors for the Gospel

Prayer resources

Reclaiming the mountain

Sons and daughters of Africa: arise and pray to the Lord of the harvest!

Tips from Harriet Ngugi: a call to prayer, humility, training, and hope

Witnessing to Muslims wisely