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Called to step out

Called: compelled to preach in North Africa

Called: Denilson Agustinho - move faster than the wind

Called: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

Called: Grief, scorpions and healing

Called: Jesse Ishaku Amah-Kabong - age 15 is not too young

Called: Nasiru Saidu - the cost of a voice

Called: Robert and Carol Bett

Called: Abusa Gusty and Elina Makhutcha

Called: Daphne Kabeberi

Called: Gedeon Mashauri

6.1 Jean Seri

Called: Jean Seri

Called: Paul Akinola

Called: Paul Mawaya

Called: Ralambo Tiffanie - no longer lonely

Called: Rosina Ferdinand

Called: Thaddeus and Lucy Gichana

Called: Tony and Julia Mburu

Fridays or Sundays: missions in the Persian Gulf

God has taught us to pray

How to find a missions agency

Daniel and Malata Salamu

How we experienced God's call to mission

Missionary call confirmed amidst gunfire

One nurse's journey into missions

Stephen continues the story of Tangale missionaries

5.3 Tambaya Ibrahim

Testimony of Tambaya Ibrahim

What is the purpose of business?

When God came calling