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Abdullah's call out of Africa; into America

Called: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

Central African Republic: delivering the gospel when war is raging

Door opens for Ingessana outreach

Embracing God's immigration policy in Chicago, USA

Ethiopian missions: A history of prayer and sacrifice

5.1 tibarek

Here I am: send me

Migration and media: open doors for the inaccessible

Mission…right where I stand: engaging the diaspora peoples worldwide

People Group: Fulani

People group: the Deaf of North Africa

People Groups: Hausa

People Groups: Uzbeks

People groups: Gujarati

4.3 Imazighen

People Groups: Imazighen

6.1 North african

People Groups: North African Arabs

People Groups: Romani

People Groups: The Ingessana

People Groups: The Somali

People groups: the Tuareg

People Groups: Zigua

Skills for worship

The doors a business can open

The physician evangelist who prays

The voice of hope among the Hassaniya

Tips from Harriet Ngugi: a call to prayer, humility, training, and hope

5,1 kawser

Woman to woman: how social media enables discipleship among some of the world's least-reached women

Your skills: tools in God's hands