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Africans and God's mission

Africans in the West: seasoned missionaries share their insights

Antioch revisited: are the shepherds listening?

Biblical perspective on multi-cultural teams

By prayer: declaring our dependence on God

Called: Abusa Gusty and Elina Makhutcha

Called: Daphne Kabeberi

6.1 Jean Seri

Called: Jean Seri

Called: Paul Mawaya

Called: Thaddeus and Lucy Gichana

East African missionary kids

How can I be sure I'm on the right track?

Daniel and Malata Salamu

How we experienced God's call to mission

Missionary call confirmed amidst gunfire

Missionary calling and family concerns

One Malagasy woman and the women who lined her path

People Group: African youth in missions

Serving...even when safety isn't guaranteed

Skills for worship

What if God calls you to be an architect?

When God came calling