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Welcome! We have curated some of these wonderful stories from our friends and like-minded organisations around the web. Enjoy.



"I was struggling to see. I was taken to hospital, but when the doctor examined me, he told me that he couldn’t find any medical reason for the problem. That evening I happened to meet with an Africa Inland Church (AIC) evangelist called Samuel, who invited me to a gospel meeting. I went forward for prayer at the end, we prayed for healing and it was given! I gave my life to Jesus and decided that I wanted to give myself to his ministry."

Read the story of Francis Manungu and be inspired!

This Crazy Step of Faith - Noreen's Story

A Miracle Healing Leads to Ministry

Africa's Reverse Missionaries - From Receiver to Sender

Ruth's story

Rosina - leader of missionaries

Danjuma's Story

Carol - a Kenyan missionary serving in Sudan

Courageous Tanzanian Advocates for missionaries

Moses - a pastor sending missionaries out

Turkana missionaries - "I appreciate it if they do it bettter than me."

Moussa - from animist to Muslim to missionary

Martin - a missionary in Papua New Guinea serving in hardship.

Timothy - Starting a New African Mission Agency to Reach the Lost

How a Handful of Rice Saved Thousands

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