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Financial integrity and the AfCAA

A church was given a sum of money to build a Sunday School building, but when the time came to start building, the treasurer reported the funds were gone. What happened? Over time, the needs of the church ate away at the money. The pastor had to t...

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Mobile money: from their hands to yours

Across Africa, the use of paper money is decreasing while electronic transfers are increasing. The AfriGO team reached out to people from South Africa to Ghana, from Rwanda to Botswana, and found that every region has different systems and preferr...

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Restoring the financial bottom line

6.1 Mburu

When you pick up a book, you’re traveling to places and meeting people you’ve never met before.  A hunger for reading gnaws harder when you can’t find a good book. Mission workers Tony and Julia Mburu knew this hunger too well.


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