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Arts and spiritual attachment


Some people are sceptical about adopting local art forms for Christian purposes because they fear possession by or attacks from evil spirits. This is a legitimate concern.


Artistic forms or instruments ar...

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Local music, local language, local impact


Africa Inland Mission (AIM) missionary Rosina Ferdinand and her coworkers wanted some Gospel songs for the newly-translated scripture portions in the Sakalava language, so they asked Ladis, founder of the local band, Groupe T...

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Ethnodoxolgy: every people’s praise

Ethnodoxology—what is that? It is a word that was created in 2019 to describe a new global movement which encourages all cultures to use their art forms to worship God. From the Greek words ethnos, which means nation, tribe, or ...

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My Saline Process experience

The rarest of opportunities to share Jesus Christ with nonbelievers is available to Christian health practitioners and medical students. Life comes through us at maternity, and we are usually the last human line of defence before departure...

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Equipping health workers for missions

Healthcare workers around the world may have a desire to share their faith, but not know how to do so effectively.  The organizations below have trainings and coaching which can help.


*IHS Global® (see ...

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Witnesses for Christ in healthcare

Healthcare workers meet hurting people every day in healthcare settings. We hear about diseases, pain, the loss of dear ones, war, and poverty. People look to us for answers far beyond the chief complaints they present. This should be expe...

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Trauma Healing Network

The Trauma Healing Network (THN) launched in September 2012 as a Bible-engagement project of the Bible Society of Namibia. People in Namibia often do not receive effective trauma help because support services are not readily available or affordabl...

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Barriers to and benefits of seeking counselling

The life of a cross-cultural missionary is fraught with stressors and challenges not typically experienced by those who reside in their own countries or cultures. The traumas of African Christian workers and missionaries can range from unexpected ...

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