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Jenga films impacts lives

John Karanja took four years studying for a bachelor’s degree only to realize he did not need one to become a filmmaker. The skills he needed were not taught in class, but learned in the streets through working with other people. Now, a decade l...

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Mental health and the Great Commission

For Dr. Prince C. Oteng-Boateng, running a mental health practice and doing missions are seamless; whether he is preaching at the pulpit or sitting across from a client, it’s all ministry.

“I was first introduced to missions whe...

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Phase ministry: a refuge for missionaries

For someone with a sheltered profession in the field of finance, Ricky Kalu’s transition was drastic and unexpected. It started with a strong conviction that the Lord wanted him on precarious frontlines with missionaries and pastors serv...

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The doors a business can open

When Lucy Pius Mwiru decided to go to Oman as a housemaid, the goal was to eventually become economically stable and serve others, but things didn’t go as planned. The wages weren’t as much as she had been promised, and the job was tra...

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Malawi’s broom – sending together

A lone broom strand can do little, but bound together with other strands, it becomes an effective and unbreakable broom.

Not so many years ago there were no Malawian missionaries, but all that began to change in 2010. Today, 147 chu...

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The Gospel and candy

Two young men I started evangelizing when they were eight years old are set to join me as missionaries in a few weeks. If I ever doubted that getting children involved in missions was profitable – and I never did – then this is the assurance I...

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Kids pop out on kindness

“Two of my Sunday school kids were in the car when we saw the woman and her children by the roadside. We were returning from a party and the kids had been given some gifts. To my shock, four-year-old Esther popped out of the car and went...

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Goats and garlic for the Gospel

“Purple Horizon is the name of our farm. ‘Purple’ refers in part, to a special tree that turns purple every October, and its significance as a place of prayer. It also represents the royalty and majesty of the Lord Jesus. ‘Horizon&...

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Errors redeemed: a missions school is founded

Grace Foundation, a mission agency based in Nigeria, sent out missionaries for 31 years before they realized what they were doing wrong. Today, they are seeing fruit they never expected through a unique programme for training kingdom worke...

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