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“Where does my help come from?” – a missionary moment

We were making some renovations to a new mission house, a good distance from where I was staying. I needed to bring a welder, a mason and an electrician to the place and I was lucky to get them one Wednesday. About 20 minutes into the journey we realized that the welder had forgotten an important tool, which set us back a couple of hours. We got to the mission house a little later than I had planned and everyone started their jobs. The mason mentioned that he couldn’t finish before sundown, so I eventually left to take the electrician and welder back into town.

After a few minutes on the road, the car starts making a funny noise that seemed like we shouldn’t ignore and after we stopped we realized we needed a mechanic. This is in the middle of a forest reserve with no one around, so I had to hike to get a network signal to call the mechanic to come check the car. It was already about 5 pm. He initially misheard my location and went to a different location. I redirected him but was immediately reminded by the hired motorcyclist that he won’t be going that direction because it was getting late; too dangerous to be on that road. However, we were stuck in that same road! The mechanic confirmed on the phone that he could not come but urged us to move the car to get out of that danger zone if we possibly could.

So we decided to move after all, although slowly because that was the only way we could drive the car. This was coming to 6pm and we were moving at 5 to 10 km per hour. We were out of options. I remember taking a glance into the night sky and asking myself why I feel any safer in a house than in the wild (as we call it). Isn’t it all God’s territory within his sight? We eventually got home close to 11pm and still locked our doors tight (I still don’t know why). I can’t help but ask myself why I feel any safer in my house well knowing that my Father is my safety. AND I STILL LOCK MY HOUSE.

-Nigerian missionary

Published by AfriGO on 22 April, 2024