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Missionary profile – Suzy Abrahams

By Mercy Kambura

South African missionary and mobilizer

I was only eight when the Lord told me I would travel the world to tell people about Him. Two things were clear—I was going to be a missionary, and I was going to do it as a single woman. Years later, I had suitors seek my hand in marriage, but I was confident that God wanted me to serve as an unmarried girl.

I have never struggled with this decision and wanted to be totally sold out to God. I knew that having a husband and children would be a great responsibility. I wanted to give everything to Christ. I would ask myself, “Will I have the time for a family and Christ?”

I have encountered a lot of stereotypes as a single woman in missions. Women were excluded from many things because they didn’t have a partner. Some ask, “Will she stand in the mission field if she doesn’t have somebody alongside her?”

They can. I was serving in Thailand as a missionary and could see the people’s amazement. She’s a woman! She’s a woman missionary! They don’t see Suzy; they see God.

I have seen the power of God. We’re called, regardless of gender; God can use anyone powerfully. If you’re a single person serving as a missionary, your calling should be the one thing that stands out from all the difficulties.

I also use art to reach out. I write productions and dramas to help spread the Gospel. Music is universal; you can use it even when there’s a language barrier. I once taught a hand movement dance to Buddhists, dancing along to the song, “There’s power in the name of Jesus.”

The whole class—over 30 people who had never heard the name of Jesus—were dancing to this beautiful song. When the class ended, some asked, “What was that song about?” And when they heard it was about Jesus, they said, “We want to know this Jesus.”

You never know what God will do with what you surrender to Him. I shared this and more on #AfriGOConversations. Watch the video on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/3LNwbkb

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