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Missionary profile – Pastor KK Baidoo

By Mercy Kambura

Ghanaian Missionary and Youth Mobilizer

I had a solid foundation in Christianity. My mom was the proper African mother—she raised us with many prayers and compulsory Sunday school attendance. The internet was my major undoing, and I picked up harmful addictions and conflicts of faith. I used to answer every altar call as a young kid, but in 1996, I got saved for the last time. I’m now helping young people answer this call and showing them how to direct others to Christ.

I was a teenager, fresh out of high school, when I started getting involved in missions. I then went on my first international mission to Mali, and the roots of missions grew deeper in my heart. When I returned to Ghana, I knew I wasn’t the same man who left; I would serve God.

By 2004, when I was done with university, I was already pumped up to go out worldwide. I had encountered pornography online, and I was struggling with guilt. The teens’ service in my church needed teachers, and I volunteered. That was one of the most revolutionary things in my life. I got this intense passion for reaching the youth.

To bring the young people closer to God, I decided to bring in a system that would allow them to be in helpful service the year before university. Therefore, I started a Christian magazine, Teens Aloud, to help them be busy in the house of God. They caught the vision deeper than I imagined, and now, that once little magazine has grown into a ministry in 11 countries.

I wanted them to get involved in missions, so I took 18 young people for a short-term mission trip to the Gambia. The harvest was so great that everyone was weeping when we were leaving. And I knew then that we’d have missions outside of Ghana.

We went to a few African countries as missionaries; we have never looked back ever since. I’m still creating opportunities for young people to participate in local and international missions. Young people love adventure. They have the energy and are willing to try new things; even telling someone about Jesus is an adventure. We must plug them into missions and tap their adventurous spirit for the Lord.

Are the young people in your church responsive to the Gospel and the call to go as missionaries? How can we get young people interested and involved in missions? They are finding things they don’t have answers to, and we can channel their curiosity to Christ’s vision for the nations.

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