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Missionary profile – Dr. E

By Mercy Kambura

East African missionary to West Africa

In 2017, at a challenging time in our lives, our firstborn son passed away when he was young. My wife and I have been married for the past 20 years, and this was an extremely difficult period for us. Despite this loss, we continue our mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus. Our hearts are healing, and our commitment to serving in various nations remains unwavering.

My wife and I are medical professionals. We felt a divine calling to embark on a mission when I was in medical training at the University. This led us to engage in global medical missions in 2017. We’re now relocating to northern Nigeria as medical missionaries to provide healthcare services through different mission assignments. We have a strong sense of calling that extends beyond Nigeria. We observed a significant gap in healthcare access in Western Africa. Who could have predicted this?

My family and I are pioneers in our denomination’s history, becoming the first missionaries to join the global mission. I have been involved in conducting health screenings and medical assessments for missionaries. Recently, our sending office requested that I complete medical evaluations and assessments of missionaries residing in the Nigerian States and explore possibilities for future fulltime mission work. My wife and I continued to seek clarity and guidance through prayer. Ultimately, we felt led to confirm our mission in Nigeria. We understand that Northern Nigeria poses unique challenges for the Christian community. A vast majority of the population in the region practices Islam, and some of our ministry areas are known to be high-risk for Christians. However, as we’ve always followed our hearts and God’s call, we have chosen to serve in a place where the Gospel is less prevalent.

Through Christ-centered, compassionate healthcare, I’ve cared for thousands of patients. We’ve also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with underserved communities in rural areas.

I strongly encourage African churches to send more missionaries to the field and become active participants in global missions. It’s an opportune moment for Africa to share the Gospel message with the world and address the healthcare challenges faced by Africans with the assistance of African doctors.


  1. For our young children.
  2. For additional support to continue our mission work. Please pray for God’s provision as well
  3. For my family and our ministry, both individually and as a church.
  4. We operate in a challenging environment; kindly pray for our safety.

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