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Missionary profile – *Anisa

By Mercy Kambura

When I signed up to be a missionary, I knew that I might not return home alive; becoming a martyr was a high possibility. I wrote my will before I left—not that I owned much. I’m still a missionary and mobilizer living among an unreached people group in Northern Kenya.

My journey to missions flowed gradually like honey, not water. Initially, I wanted to get my career going, and maybe later, when I could, I’d serve the Lord. After college, I decided to volunteer with a ministry that reached out to young people, and we went for a short-term missions trip along the Tana River. I was shocked to see people who had never heard the Gospel even once! I also learned, to my pleasure, that I could use my profession to reach out to the unreached.

I’m thankful that I heard the Gospel repeatedly as a child. I said the sinner’s prayer when I was ten and gave my life to Christ. Having the opportunity to listen to the Gospel many times is a significant factor in why I became a missionary; I want to give others a chance to hear the Gospel repeatedly and decide to follow Christ.

Our pastor was missional; he led our local church to preach to neighbouring villages and plant churches. The Lord has slowly but steadily put love for His people in my heart.

After my short-term stint among an unreached people group, I signed up to serve as a missionary for a year. Here, we couldn’t even say we’re missionaries. It was business unusual; we knew we’d likely not get to share the Gospel with even one person. We were to preach Jesus without words.

I went to the Horn of Africa for two years. While completing my second year, I met my husband, a missionary. We got married and now serve together. We decided to settle in north-eastern Kenya because there was a lot of opportunity to serve God.

It’s a frontier region; we’re serving several unreached Cushitic communities. My husband and I are not Cushites. We also do a lot of mission exposure for students and young people who want to learn about missions and want to go as missionaries. We also train young people in Muslim evangelism and practical ways to share the Gospel as we also help them experience missions while living among the unreached.

The mission field is the Lord’s; we are 100 per cent sent. We are called to make disciples; do not detour from the Lord’s plans. Look at the people who have gone ahead and see how God has cared for them. Walk in obedience; God will take care of you. God gives us fulfillment and satisfaction despite the challenges that we face. Serving the Lord is not a sacrifice; it’s a privilege.


  • For me to be faithful as I engage in what He called me to do.
  • For more workers; the work is plenty, and the labourers are still few.
  • For my fears as a parent—that my children will navigate the world safely and that we shall train them in the ways of the Lord.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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