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Church Resources

The Church - the body of Christ - is where the mission of obedience to the Great Commission receives its support and personnel. When the body is strong, it can reach out. Below you'll find resources to help your church fulfill the Great Commission, whether it be through Prayer, studies about your part in the mission, or videos to inspire. We recommend the movie The Distant Boat for every church - it takes a hard look at uniquely African challenges in doing missions, and is entertaining to watch. Find it below, as well as our very useful resources of note.


According to the latest edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, 26 per cent of all Christians live in Africa, making it the continent with the highest proportion of Christians. Click here to read the 'Africa Rising' section from the Lausanne Great Commission Report, which was just released last month!


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Resources you shouldn't miss

The Great Commission - for Africa too

In this moving sermon, Bishop Oscar Muriu challenges the African Church to take its place in the world. He says, "The Church has relocated South and it is booming. 75% of Protestant Christians are found in the Southern Hemisphere." We urge you to watch and be inspired!

The Distant Boat

The Distant Boat tells the fictional story of Max, a young urban Kenyan who has it all: a dream job, a best friend, and a girl he hopes to marry. In the midst of a crisis, Max has a radical encounter with a poor Muslim fisherman named Yusef. Max’s whole life and perspective is challenged when he realizes that Yusef and his people have no church and no Christian witness. After taking time off work to visit his family, Max shares with a wise old uncle his heart for Yusef’s people, and in the process, Max realizes that God may be calling him to be a missionary.