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Instruments of care

All Christians, even missionaries, are not super-human. We’re broken people who experience hardships. Political unrests, trembling economies, and the global pandemic paint a picture of losses, and often traumatic experiences. Our God is immeasur...

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A confluence of cultures

A missionary family once lived among a Muslim people group for some 21 years. When they first arrived, they couldn’t differentiate between the names of people, places, animals, and foods. Everything was strange, yet, they had a mandate to put Go...

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Every story counts in missions

Africa is known for its storytelling tradition. Huts in a village homestead were often arranged with one in the middle that was open on the sides. Children gathered there to hear stories from parents and elderly people. The villages also had offic...

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Children through a different lens

During a youth camp in Cameroon, children shared tracts throughout the local neighborhood and community. They even shared with soldiers and preached to them, making good use of their high energy level, their simplicity and flexibility.


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Nineveh waits for every Christian

Have you ever wondered why Jonah endured all the drama of going to warn Nineveh of imminent judgement, yet that city had only 120,000 people? Today an estimated 1.8 billion Muslims share our world, out of which 446 million live in Africa alone God...

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Are missions agencies necessary?

Whilst attending a missionary training school in the 1990s, one of the most popular missionary biographies among the students was Bruchko, the compelling story of American missionary Bruce Olson, who undertook an amazing pioneer missionary work am...

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