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The lost churches of Mundu are found

Little did Tom Desloges know the remarkable story his discovery was going to unravel when he found in his church’s archives maps, letters and some reports about the Mundu. The Mundu? How did this name get there? Sources cited this tribe ...

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Faithful little efforts

Fajara’s parents informed his Sunday school teachers, “You made trouble for us!” Ten-year old Fajara had shared the gospel with his Muslim friend at school, and he gave his life to Christ. Back home his friend told his parents about the deci...

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The Word that will never return void

By age 12, the young Somali boy had learned the whole Qur’an. He committed long portions of it to memory in Arabic, a language he did not understand. At age 18, he went to live with his uncle in the capital city, Muqdisho (Mogadishu). On...

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The joy of serving together

Oumar Mohammed was obeying God’s missionary call on his life to reach Muslims in Niger Republic. Considering the dangers, he felt God wanted him to go undercover. So he went alone, trusting God to show him, in time, which mission agency to go wi...

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The pathway to missions

Even during the global pandemic, people want to go out and serve God in missions. Churches and missions agencies are still looking for missionaries to train up and to send. However, with travel severely restricted, how ha...

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The voice of hope among the Hassaniya

5.3 Hassaniya

Every year, hundreds of Christians around the world move into unfamiliar environments, some with their families, in obedience to God’s call to take the gospel to all nations and make disciples. The Mali Faithful Witness team is working among the...

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