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Called: Grief, scorpions and healing

I was struggling. Like frying popcorn in an open pot, my unexpressed emotions flew everywhere. I seethed silently in resentment and stewed in my depressive thoughts.

My relationship with fellow missionaries teetered on irreparable d...

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Called: Robert and Carol Bett


The first time my pastor asked me to preach a sermon, I was so insecure that I asked him to write the sermon for me. I had been a Christian since I was a teenager; I read my Bible and believed the Holy Spirit guided me, but...

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Called: Paul Akinola

On the wall of Willesden Green Baptist Church in London hangs the portrait of Charles Spurgeon, one of England’s most famous preachers. It’s not just antique décor, this church was founded by two of Spurgeon’s students and dedicated...

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Called: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

When you set out to go to a mission field, what do you expect to find? Definitely not a backslidden ex-missionary! And yet, at the end of our seven-hour treacherous trek up a mountain to Donkin in northern Nigeria, that...

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