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Missionary profile – *Salama

By Mercy Kambura

I’m a missionary kid. I didn’t like being a missionary kid. As a child, we moved so much that I attended 25 schools! I didn’t desire to become a missionary because of the hardship we experienced. However, God’s plans cannot be thwarted; I’m now a missionary among an unreached people group on the Kenyan coast.

As a child, money was tight, but we prayed a lot. We didn’t have school fees once, but a letter arrived with enough money for our school fees. The letter said it was from “The God of the (my dad’s name).” That day my faith grew in bounds. I knew God was in our corner regardless of how difficult life got. I learned not to look up to the hills, but to God, for all my needs as I serve among the least reached.

I’ve been a missionary for seven years now, and I can attest that God has a purpose for the nations. I have witnessed how much people are in bondage, suffering, and deeply rooted in witchcraft. I have also seen lives changed. They don’t even have to attend church; it encourages me to know they know about Christ.

Getting a convert takes time. Sometimes, I’m discouraged when I see people not accepting Christ. We have one indigenous person who has stood firm in faith, and amid all my worries, I know God has a purpose for these people.

The Church in Africa must remember that Christ left us with a responsibility to go and make disciples in every nation. All people must hear the word of God. The question is, “Are we going?” Each person has to evaluate themselves.

The good thing is we have many ways of going: By praying for those who are in the field, providing financial support, and going physically. There can’t be any excuses. Each of us has a duty; we have to make a choice.


  • For the coastal communities here to know Christ.
  • For more workers in the mission field.
  • For grace and strength as we serve among these people. *Name changed for security purposes.

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