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By Mercy Kambura

Rwandan mobilizer

How much mobilization is too much? The simple answer is we can never mobilize enough. I believe in mobilization because if there’s no mobilization, we will not get those who are going. Mobilization is for everyone—anyone supporting a missionary should mobilize, and everyone going as a missionary can mobilize. I’m doing my bit in Rwanda through Tubasange, an indigenous mobilization agency I helped start.

Rwanda has only one language. I couldn’t imagine that there are people who haven’t heard the Gospel or have never encountered a Christian. I grew up in church and was privileged to listen to the Gospel many times. Rwandan Churches clearly had a problem if Christians weren’t being told about the unreached.

For me, mobilization started long ago when I took the Kairos Course as a university student. I was graduating from college, having become a Christian as a teenager. I was asking God, “What do you want me to do?”

After Kairos, I felt pushed to become a mobilizer but didn’t know how to do it. I started facilitating the Kairos course, and my heart for the unreached grew. Many young Rwandans answered the call to go as missionaries, but we couldn’t find a church or organization to send them. We needed an agency.

One time, as Kairos leaders in Rwanda, we asked ourselves, “What next after Kairos? Are we only going to offer a course with no follow-up?”

We came together and started Tubasange. Tubasange is a Kinyarwanda word meaning, ‘let’s go to them.’ Our vision is to mobilize, train and send the Rwandan Church. Missions isn’t just about going but sending and supporting those who are going.

Starting Tubasange wasn’t easy, it’s not easy to explain what we do. We overcame the hurdles by God’s grace.

Church leaders may not understand the need for sending missionaries, or how they can do it. Their church may have no structure to mobilize from within their congregation. Sending missionaries is not going to be easy in Africa if church leaders are not sharing the need with their congregants or pushing them to get involved to reach the lost both within and beyond their borders.

We have come up with creative ways to get the Church involved, and we’re happy to see so much progress. One Church is in the process of sending missionaries from their congregation!

Learn more about Tubasange here: https://tubasange.org/


– For Tubasange as we start a training programme for goers and another for mobilizers. – Pray for the human and financial resources needed for these two programmes.

– For more people to support mobilizers financially and prayerfully. – For more mobilizers and mobilization resources in Kinyarwanda.

– For pastors to be trained and to make disciples, not just new believers or members.

– For more Rwandans to obey the call to go and to support those who go.

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