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People Group: Fulani

The Fulani, who call themselves the Fulƃe, are also known as the Fula, Fulani or Fulƃe. They are a diverse people group spread across about 20 countries of West and Central Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia. Up to 47 clans and sub-clans are consi...

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Trauma Healing Network

The Trauma Healing Network (THN) launched in September 2012 as a Bible-engagement project of the Bible Society of Namibia. People in Namibia often do not receive effective trauma help because support services are not readily available or affordabl...

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Instruments of care

All Christians, even missionaries, are not super-human. We’re broken people who experience hardships. Political unrests, trembling economies, and the global pandemic paint a picture of losses, and often traumatic experiences. Our God is immeasur...

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Behind the walls of crushing trauma

After Mule* hung up the phone, he felt like someone had turned him upside down. He knew intimately what was at stake. He felt betrayed, maligned, and crushed, but the impact was only beginning. “I was preparing for an exam that week. Eve...

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Called: Grief, scorpions and healing

I was struggling. Like frying popcorn in an open pot, my unexpressed emotions flew everywhere. I seethed silently in resentment and stewed in my depressive thoughts.

My relationship with fellow missionaries teetered on irreparable d...

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Burdened beyond measure

I just finished a long phone call with a brother who serves in a pioneering mission context. He was utterly traumatized by what his leader was doing to him. He felt rejected, abandoned, stigmatized, completely lost, and worst of all – alone. He ...

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